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YM Video opens the door for media publishers to display high-quality video content on their sites. Relevant video content increases the value of the site for users and opens a new source of revenue from video advertising.

The player supports integration with all major video advertising exchanges via YM Header Bidding & Google Open Bidding, ensuring maximum value from every display.

YM Video is fully customizable. It allows you to natively place your videos while maintaining all the site's styles.
In addition, you can earn extra income right away with Outstream.
YM Video can monetize existing video content and promote your YouTube channel with Instream.
If you don't have your own video content, Notsy can help you create high-quality videos based on your website content, or provide video content from our library.

In-Stream & Out-Stream


CPM up to 30 times higher than media advertising
Increase time on site and engagement of your users
Promote your video content
Get more subscribers YouTube
If you don't have video content, Notsy can create it for you
The partnership with Notsy allowed us to double our advertising revenue.
I would like to mention an individual approach: Notsy has carefully studied
Our sites and offered the best solutions based on our specifics. An additional advantage of this cooperation is the possibility to find out about news and trends in the world of advertising, as well as consult us on any issues related to advertising: GDPR, CCPA, Google Ad Manager settings, optimization of own advertising campaigns.
Oleg Lyubchenko, SOO
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